Crystalline Sound Healing

Crystalline Sound Healing

About Crystalline Sound Healing

Welcome! Are you ready for deep healing that ignites your inner light and awakens infinite love?

Sally Page is a Medical Intuitive who offers transformational energy medicine to help you find healing for your physical symptoms while bringing greater clarity to your mind and greater alignment with your heart and soul.

If you're ready to reach a whole new level of you, please schedule a discovery session or an appointment TODAY!

Sally uses many techniques and healing methods to help you achieve health, vitality, and wholeness:

* BodyTalk WholeHealthcare™ is an astonishingly efficient system that finds the underlying causes of illness by addressing your unique life story.

* Light Language is channeled Dynamic Activation of Healing and Ascension Codes. This powerful multidimensional energy speaks to the soul through the language of light, igniting extensive changes from the soul level.

* Avesa Quantum Healing™ is an ancient mystical modality of spiritual empowerment and soul alignment. It calls forth your soul purpose for your most abundant life and reveals Divine wisdom and clarity that defies the mind.

* The soothing sounds of the Singing Bowls create waves of healing frequencies that dissolve stress, bringing you greater peace and clarity. The vibrations of alchemical singing bowls can penetrate to the depths of your soul giving you profound results from this method of healing!

* The PandoraStar is leading edge light technology that supports your spiritual expansion in multidimensional realms of light. It will activate your pituitary and pineal glands as it infuses your brain with light. It helps you break through unconscious limitations.

TESTIMONIALS: http://sallypageawakening.com/testimonials/

IN OFFICE sessions can be done if you are near the Saratoga, San Jose or San Francisco Bay area in California.

DISTANCE SESSIONS are available over the phone or the internet if you are located outside the San Francisco Bay area in California. All appointment times on the schedule are in (PT) PACIFIC TIME ZONE CA, USA. Please confirm your time zone difference http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

You will receive an email with your connection information the day before your session or the morning of your session. Look for the subject: Session with Sally Page Connection Information

You will receive an appointment reminder approximately 48-24 hours before your appointment. You can reschedule up to 24 hours before your appointment, after that time you will be charged for a missed appointment.

What differentiates us

I offer a transformational healing experience that addresses the cause of illness and pain, while awakening conscious growth and spiritual expansion. As the cause is addressed, symptoms fall away, and your body’s natural ability to heal is engaged and optimized. The powerful synergistic blend of BodyTalk, Avesa Quantum Healing, Light Language, Sound Healing and EFT with Medical Intuitive insights, all deliver your optimal healing experience! This is a relaxing, natural way to address your holistic health care needs. You can enjoy greater health and effective results that can last a lifetime!

How we were trained

The BodyTalk System through International BodyTalk Association, Avesa Quantum Healing and EFT in Antiqua Guatemala and Sound Healing through Randy Masters, Ingrid Foster and The Pineal Toning Choir with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. Light Language with Jamye Price.

Why we love what we do

I love watching people blossom with greater health and vitality as they heal. It is amazing to see people transform as we work together to release the causes of pain and suffering; they steadily experience greater health, functionality and gain the ability to live life to fullest!

People who continue with regular sessions also invest in preventive healthcare by addressing and clearing the root causes of disease, as they experience greater health and vitality. Continued regular sessions support personal conscious growth and ignite the inner light from within.

15315 Bohlman Rd
Saratoga, CA 95070
Business Hours:
By appointment only

MyTime Reviews (6)

| Distance & Remote Sessions | over 1 year ago

I loved our session on Friday. I'm so pumped up about you coming this Friday to Expand Your Fempire with me. Many Heartfelt Blessings and may all ... read more

| Distance & Remote Sessions | over 1 year ago

I felt comfortable speaking with Sally and I got excited about working with her.

| In Office Session | almost 2 years ago

I very much enjoyed my session with Sally Page! She helped me to clearly see and feel the life that I want for myself, as well as some of the chall... read more

| Distance & Remote Sessions | almost 2 years ago

Sally is of great integrity and a deep desire to help. She is strong and direct and we work well together.

| Distance & Remote Sessions | over 2 years ago

Awe-some. Very deep and profoundly relevant to issue concerned. Sally's ability to identify causes of imbalance and he guidance in addressing issue... read more

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