Alignment For Life. Life Coaching And Yoga

Alignment For Life. Life Coaching And Yoga

11201 Petit Ave,
Granada Hills, CA 91344
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About Alignment For Life. Life Coaching And Yoga

1. I help you get unstuck, so you begin living your dreams.
I have a question for you: are you feeling stuck? When someone asks you what you want, is your answer, "I don't really know." When someone asks how you are doing, is your answer, "Same old, same old." Here's the simple truth: If you don't know what you want, you can't get what you want. Makes sense, right? It always amazes me how many people I speak with who say they're not happy, and when I ask, "What do you want?" The answer is, "I don't know."

2. I help you tap into your Personal Power.
When you tap into your personal power, you get to live a life filled with joy and true success. It's a really fun life to live!

Here's a truth: All the power and strength you've ever needed and will ever need is already inside of you. Yes, the ability to live with joy and fulfill your greatest dreams is already inside of you.

So if you already have all the power and strength you need, why are you still frustrated and struggling? Because there's something else inside of you: Fear. Another truth is, you're scared. It's ok, you're not alone: we're all scared. Fear is the number one reason you don't succeed and move forward in your life. Fear of being judged, fear of not being good enough, fear of trying and not succeeding, fear of what others will think. There are so many different fears that are holding you back.

It's time to break the cycle of fear and begin using your strengths.

If you're ready to Get Unstuck and Tap Into Power, here's what we can do together:
- We'll uncover the unconscious patterns that have you stuck and are sabotaging your success.
- We'll create a crystal clear vision of what it is that you want. Think BIG Dreams!
- We'll create a path for you to achieve your success and live those Big Dreams.

I spent years living a stuck life. I was living a life according to other people's rules. Sure, I had great times. Having spent 20 years in the music and entertainment business, I got to interview and work with the biggest stars of all time. I had great stories to tell others so they would think great things of me. It was glory on the outside. But, unbeknownst to others, inside there was little joy. Over time, that began to change and I decided it was time to live my life, on my terms. To create my own joy, my own peace, and my own success. And once I discovered how to do that, I decided it was my job to share that with others. Too many people suffer by being stuck and by living to according to other people's rules. You can choose to stop doing that today.

What differentiates us

Each session is focused on you - what do you need and where do you want to go on any given day. We work together to achieve your greatness, inside and out.

How we were trained

My Iyengar training is through the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States ( and the BKS Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles (

My coaches training is through CTI, the Coaches Training Institute.

My life training is through various cities and countries I've lived in, including Boston, Los Angeles, London, Denmark and Spain. As well as working and speaking with hundreds of people.

If you have any more questions about me or my practice, fee free to ask. I'm always happy to answer any questions and share my experiences.

Why we love what we do

Life brings everyone challenges. It is how we face these challenges that makes the difference. I've been blessed with wonderful teachers in my life who have led me to new levels of understanding and personal success. Nothing makes me happier than to share these gifts, and to be the guide that helps others reach to their own personal achievements. And watching people experience a true sense of joy is priceless!

11201 Petit Ave,
Granada Hills, CA 91344
Come to us OR we'll travel to you, up to 25 miles
Business Hours:
By appointment only

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I can definitely vouch for the quality services that Jon has offered for both my wife and myself. As a guys who never did yoga before, Jon was ever... read more

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