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Seth Jeremy Productions

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About Seth Jeremy Productions

Seth Jeremy has been creating music since he has been twelve years old, and continually strives to grow both as a composer and a songwriter. Seth brings the same goals to the table when producing. He is skilled as a musician by being able to write and arrange as a composer while also being able to sing harmonies, play piano, horn parts, guitar, or programming, making the song or composition the best it can be.

While Seth Jeremy has many opinions on his approach to producing or creating songs, his co-workers and clients have said it best. In Darryl Swann’s words; “Seth Jeremy has such an eclectic music mind. His creative approach is raw and un-orthodox, yet refreshingly simplistic. Seth is a pure artist and has a incredibly-open, objective ear. He is open to all types of music, which gives him a deep gene-pool to draw from. I see SJ only growing as an artist as time goes on (Darryl Swann, Grammy producer).

Seth Jeremy is also available for one on one, or small group lessons on Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano, Guitar, Vocals and Music Theory. Available to all styles, ages and levels in your home or mine in Los Angeles, CA. Lessons are tailored to the individual styles and goals. Seth has been teaching for over sixteen years primarily working with children. He has worked with Grammy winning producers, touring musicians, helping them hone up on there music theory, and piano chops.

What differentiates us

“You know how to make the visions in your head come true.”

-Zyaire Daley (assistant on music video for RewindStoPlay)

“Seth’s personality brings an energy to those he works with, is flexible to people’s ideas but also ensures his work will be focused and unique to his vision”

(Senorita Vanessa, Salsa Dancer for RewindStoPlay)

Hey just wanted to tell u thank u for inspiring me. I think u r very talented and I really can’t wait to get good @ the piano! Have a great day….

-Sheenalyn Solis—Music Student

“I met Seth while he was recording. I was extremely impressed not only by his immense talent but by his wonderful and engaging personality. Seth is a very talented songwriter and musician and he is a professional.

It is tough to find “real” people here in Los Angeles but Seth is the real deal. I have no doubt that he will make his career a successful one and for those lucky enough to work with him, they are in for a nice surprise. Seth puts his heart and soul into all he does, is quite bright and I am very happy to have him in my corner for sure. In Seth you will find a warm, engaging, kind, talented but no nonsense kind of guy. He knows his stuff and I recommend him highly.”

Carolyne Shapiro has endorsed your work as Music Teacher at Seth Jeremy.

Seth engineered several sessions for Leslie Dennis, an opera singer from the LA Opera who is recording a new CD. He worked very hard to deliver exactly what the client wanted and she was very pleased. He is punctual, professional, friendly, and very good at what he does. He is detail oriented and knows Logic Pro thoroughly. We will be using him again for future sessions at Christensen Music. He was very accommodating, patient, hardworking, and got a great result. The client was very pleased with Seth which made Christensen Studio look great! I highly recommend him!

-Ann Louise Christensen, owner”

Pretty pumped about the latest sample of my song Happy Ending I just received from Seth Jeremy Dolgan…and about the choir of kids I’ll have singing on the track!! 2 weeks till Seth is in town and we get to work on vocals and the rest of the album!

-Tracy Fancher (local artist)

To Whom it May Concern:
Re: Seth Dolgan

This letter constitutes a letter of recommendation for Seth Dolgan, who has been teaching my child the piano for over two years now.

Seth is exceptional at working with children. My son started taking lessons from Seth at age seven and immediately started developing. Having shown early interest in music, we wanted him to be encouraged to move forward on the piano at a pace that suited him. Little did we know that his pace would be accelerated by Seth. Just starting with a basic understanding of notes and their placement on the piano, Seth made his instruction fun and interesting. Within six months, our child had written his first musical composition. Within a year, he was playing the full version of Beethoven’s Fur Elise. Six months later, he was playing the full version of Moonlight Sonata. Our son has also formed a band that has performed pop-rock type songs, and Seth works with the band.

Seth is a gifted teacher of music, especially for children. He has the ability to understand personalities and make his instruction specific to the requirements of each child. He also works well with parents, attempting to be sensitive to parental expectations while also satisfying the child. He is trustworthy and honest. My wife and I recommend him without reservation.

Very truly yours,
Rossi A. Russell – Attorney at Law

I was a student of Seth Dolgan’s and the quality of his work is great he was an Absoluteprofessional, I would highly recommend his services I felt myself to be in good hands he was
to the point, efficient, and I have to stress once again professional. This is rare as I have experienced some not so great teachers in the past, I always looked forward to my classes because I could see the results and nothing beats that in my opinion

(Chris Flowers)- Former student

You are the next Madonna for the current generation

Chris Flowers (nail stylist/stylist)

“I am not out to step on someone to get where I want to be. Instead I look for strong members to join the journey”

Hot Girl Sam

You are a cross between Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and a gay George Bush. Ha, Ha

(Diego Fenton)

You’re the champagne of beers

Nico Staub

Seth Jeremy has such an eclectic music mind. His creative approach is raw and un-orthodox, yet refreshingly-simplistic which at first seems to yield only a ditty, but as he keeps layering and polishing this DNA strand-of-a-song, it takes shape and next thing you know, you’re like, “Oh Man!…that’s pretty fresh!”. Seth is a pure artist and has an incredibly-open, objective ear. He is open to all types of music which gives him a deep gene-pool to draw from. I see SJ only growing as an artist as time goes on.

(Darryl Swann, Grammy nominated producer)

You have both exceeded and satisfied my expectations as a producer/artist I am very excited to continue our project

(Hot Girl Sam)-production client

Seth and his band (Rewind Stop Play) are so much fun to work with!! It was a pleasure choreographing his video and they’re gonna for sure make it big!”

(Bridget Johnson-Choreographer for Rewind Stop Play music video)

“Seth Jeremy is a god…jk, jk, Seth truly took time to stylize my plain piano song into what I wanted. He cared-and I could tell.”

(Tracy Fancher) Music Production client

“The minute I saw Seth performing I knew that I needed to work with him; he didn’t disappoint!”

(Melissa Phelps) current production client

You are a miraculous and inspiring teacher! Your ability to challenge all of us – youngster with no introduction, adult with 15 yrs of playing and adult with no music background – is awesome!!!

We are glad for you in our lives!
-Kim(Current Adult Student)

I hate that you can’t get his name right! His rap name is Max Benoit. Have a little appreciation for the street cred bro. site looks great! Work with Seth! He makes great beats, adds soul into every measure , and does NOT mess around! Easy and fun to work with. He’s very understanding with any budget and has only had to pimp slap me once. Cheers and save the music, ya’ll!!! M.

-Max Benoit

How we were trained

He graduated from the prestigious Lamont School Of Music with a Bachelor’s of Music in music composition. Although, in today’s music industry a certificate doesn’t mean you can create music or bring knowledge into creating various productions; it does give Seth the strength to hear music both as a fan, composer, producer and artist.

Why we love what we do

Seth Jeremy has written for various genres including; film, small orchestral groups, big bands, as well as for various local California, and Colorado acts. He has created, produced and co-produced everything from pop, rock, country, hip-hop, and experimental; as well as writing meditation music and recording voice over artists.

In the past year Seth Jeremy has had the honor of working with several local acts creating great hip-hop music for Hot Girl Sam, and up and coming comedian Maxwell Benoit. He has also been working on his project Rewind Stop Play which he co-produced with Darryl Swann (Macy Gray) and mixed by Orlando Rashid(Jaime Foxx).

When producing others Seth Jeremy is thoughtful of the personal connection, situation and puts in the time and details a project or song needs. He believes there is no one formula or solution for every song or project.

10800 S Crenshaw Blvd
Inglewood, CA 90303
Come to us OR we'll travel to you, up to 25 miles
Business Hours:
By appointment only
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