Kayla The Critter Sitter

Kayla The Critter Sitter

About Kayla The Critter Sitter

I am passionate about many things in life, at the top of that list would be animals and customer satisfaction. I want to do what I love and I want my customers to love what I do. I believe pets enrich our lives. They are fun to be around and soothing to our souls. They take care of us by being excited to see us or cuddling up next to us. I want to help you take care of them in return. Last but not least, a tired dog is not a destructive dog. I drive to your home to pick up your pooch. That's when the exercise and TLC starts. I will also check food and water, and administer medications (if needed) as requested.

What differentiates us

My extensive experience and training differentiates me from many other dog walkers. Not all dog walkers have much previous experience other than their current dog walking services. If something were ever to go wrong not all are trained on how to deal with critical situations. I have experience in a veterinary hospital, so I am very keen to catching things that many others might not notice. Dogs don't always tell us if something is wrong, but often they give us tell tale signs. I am also experienced in administering medications and IV fluids. I am certified in pet CPR and am part of a local animal emergency response team, which can put many a little more at ease. I also volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society working with cats and dogs that have been rescued from city shelters. I regular volunteer to supervise large dog play dates so these animals can socialize with other dogs and have an easier time finding their final home and to get them out of their kennels. It is so rewarding. I am also currently taking classes in dog training to further my existing skills in that area.

How we were trained

I have many years of animal experience. I am a certified veterinary assistant with previous experience in a veterinary hospital. I am also certified in pet CPR and part of a local animal disaster response team. I also currently do hands-on volunteer at Best Friends adoption center. I am also continually taking classes through them. You can never know too much.

Why we love what we do

I believe that animal care is a calling. My love of animals has been passed down for many generations. I grew up with animals on my grandfathers farm. He was a dog trainer, and did boarding as well. So since early childhood I've been working with animals helping him on his farm. I loved it. My mom is also a dog trainer. I guess that calling runs in the blood.

25916 Narbonne Ave,
Lomita, CA 90717
Business Hours:
By appointment only
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Yelp Reviews (5) Yelp

We first used Kayla last Thanksgiving. My dog had previously boarded at a great facility that closed earlier in the year. He is very loyal and pr... read more

love... Love.... LOVE Kayla. We had to go out of town on an emergency vacation... I think we all need those from time to time and with just a few ... read more

I went out of town the other weekend and had no one to watch my cat, Toffee. Usually, I just get a friend to stop over and feed her, but all my cl... read more

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