School Of Martial Arts West LA

School Of Martial Arts West LA

About School Of Martial Arts West LA

Our classes combine intense total-body workouts with cutting edge self-defense. Our students learn a time-honored skill, and they have fun doing it. Getting in shape? That’s just a bonus.

What differentiates us

Most Dojos fall under one of two categories: fight clubs or day care. The School of Martial Arts is different. We offer offer a third choice: Real Martial Arts, taught well.

Many schools say they train the mind as well as the body. Actually finding mindfulness in practice is unfortunately very rare. Our students gain both mental and physical discipline. They become not only better fighters but better fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, employers and employees.

How we were trained

Sifu Ryan Scott has practiced martial arts since the age of 8 in Dojos across the US, in China and Japan. He has extensive experience with some of the world’s highest-ranking martial artists in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, and Yuchia Kung Fu.

Sifu Scott is one of only 5 students (out of thousands) to ever reach the rank of black under Sifu Robert Brown, a martial arts master with 40 years of experience and black belts in 4 different styles.

As a lifetime student and instructor, Sifu Scott'€™s passion for practice is surpassed only by his love for teaching the martial arts. He has seen the same transformation in the lives of his students as he has experienced in his own, and thrives on their continued success both on and off the mats.

Why we love what we do

At the School of Martial Arts, we strike a balance between tradition and a modern, scientific approach to self-defense. We practice as partners, not opponents. The whole dojo learns and sweats together. Gain a complete understanding of self-defense, fitness and the deeper aspects that practice of Real Martial Arts has to offer.

12113 Santa Monica Blvd, 201
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Business Hours:
By appointment only

Yelp Reviews (22) Yelp

Very much enjoy this school. The school is always clean. The staff and student are polite. There is a serious dedication to Thai chi and other type... read more

Amazing place! I did a test class and they were just the best! Unfortunately I signed up but had no time to attend but I would highly recommend thi... read more

I wanted to wait for at least a year until I reviewed this place, but I realize now that I don't need any more time to be certain about how I feel.... read more

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Google Reviews

Sifu Scott is an incredible teacher! The students that attend the school are great partners no matter what size you are or what shape you are in at... read more

I've visited many martial arts schools but this one is very special. Thanks to the instructor, Sifu Scott, the atmosphere is so inviting. This plac... read more

Such a wonderful school. Great workout, fun and energizing class. Sifu Scott is a generous and engaging teacher. The students all look out for eac... read more

3 years ago, my son, who was 6 at the time said he wanted to do karate. Not really knowing anything about martial arts, I set up visits to 5 differ... read more

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