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Spiritus Healing Arts

About Spiritus Healing Arts

Your Issues are in Your Tissues: I Can Help You Get Them Out.

Discover the benefits of our San Diego skin rejuvenation facials combined with therapeutic face massage and reiki energy healing.

The results for you: Your facial, neck and shoulder muscles gain tone and flexibility as contractions, induced by stress, are released. Your skin cells are fed and nourished with a fresh, lively flow of oxygen, blood, and lymph. Emotional crystallization held in your musculature dissolve, freeing the trapped energy for more constructive purposes, allowing you to release the past and move into the future while being present in the moment. Nerve pathways open throughout your head and body enhancing a free flow of vitality everywhere.

The “energy healing” aspect of the treatment goes all the way down to the energetic level thus treating the physical and astral bodies: a principle revealed by such luminaries as Dr. Deepak Chopra. After treatment, the ravages of life as seen in the face resolve: giving way to a face that looks refreshed with a healthy youthful glow. I have over 25 years experience providing and teaching expert energy healing therapeutic massage treatments. I can best resolve these issues especially those of the face, head, neck and shoulders. Spiritus means ‘breath’ in Latin. Our feelings ride on the breath; subsequently during any facial/body treatment emotional crystallization dissolve thus facilitating the healing process.

What differentiates us

I only take a few clients a week so I can give each of them the personalized attention they deserve.

How we were trained

Scott Truel grew up in Indiana and Colorado and studied music from an early age specializing in woodwinds and voice. In college his focus shifted to languages and theater before moving to Boston and studying voice with Marcy Lindheimer and Barbara Suhrstedt. He performed Renaissance and Baroque music in the Boston area for many years.

He was fortunate enough to be introduced to Linda Burnham while studying at the Massage Therapy Institute of New England in 1984 and was certified in Therapeutic Massage in 1985 and in Burnham Systems Facial Rejuvenation® in 1986. He participated and graduated from The Center of the Light’s Training for Healers from 1987 until 1989. At about the time he was in massage school, Scott realized that he noticed more than other people and had always been extremely energy sensitive but assumed others had the same experiences. Past life memories came to his conscious mind, as well as being able to ‘see’ and clear the past lives of others. Since the early 90s Scott has developed his natural talents to include reading cards and is especially interested in topics relating to Spiritualism and mental health. He has studied many forms of bodywork, energy healing, and Western Herbology. He has a degree in esthetics and has taught esthetics and massage therapy as well as maintaining a private practice.

Spiritus means ‘breath’ in Latin. Our feelings ride on the breath so, during any body treatment as the crystallization's dissolve, by focusing on the breath they can be released.


Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork NCTMB.

Member: American Massage Therapy Association AMTA.

San Diego Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner #03018647.

California Licensed Esthetician #Z36719.

Certifications and trainings:

Massage Therapy certification 1985, Massage Institute of New England.

Burnham Systems Facial Rejuvenation certification 1986, Linda Burhnam, N.D.

Training for Healers 1987-89, Center of the Light, New Marlborough, MA.

Reiki 1 and 2, Magnified Healing, DyJana Cote.

Craniosacral Therapy, Upledger Institute.

Breath Entrainment Therapy, Andy Caponigro.

Neuromuscular Therapy, Bancroft School of Massage and NMT Center of Wellbeing.

Thailand Traditional Massage, Maxine Shapiro.

Esthetics Certificate, Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics, 1996.

LuMarian Healing, Sisters Rising.

Holistic Health Practitioner, School of Healing Arts, 2003.

Animal Communication, Sylvia Shaules.

Why we love what we do

With my clients, I feel as though I am spending time with friends, enjoying their company, and doing something for them that makes a difference in their lives.

3206 Grim Ave.,
San Diego, CA 92104
Business Hours:
By appointment only

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I have experienced Scott's wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating holistic facials. Scott is a very experienced massage therapist who has mastered f... read more

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