Conduit For Self-Healing - Reiki

Conduit For Self-Healing - Reiki

About Conduit For Self-Healing - Reiki

I’m Debra Wilson Guttas.
Here’s what I know. You can take an aspirin to deal with a physical pain, but if you don’t get at what is causing the pain, all you’re doing is masking it, temporarily.
In the same way, if your life is just not going the way you want it to, or you see yourself repeating the same patterns over and over, you may be managing it, but you’re not really getting at the core of why you are where you are.

So where does energy work or Reiki fit in to this picture? Good question!
It’s a scientific fact that all things in nature are made of energy. Can we agree on that? Good.
Through science we know now that as humans we have energy centers, seven major ones referred to as Chakras.

How It Impacts You
Each of those energy centers impact how you show up in life, from your ability to give and receive love easily, to your ability to take action in your life, to even being able to “see” what your purpose is here on this planet.
Those energy centers, through either physical or emotional trauma in your life, can become congested, which affects the flow of energy in your body. When that flow is interrupted for any length of time, it effects you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and long-term, physically.
I can give you real life “scenarios”, and if those scenarios “fit”, we can trace it to which energy centers are involved. Once you know that, you can begin the process of healing the energetic blocks so that you can live life feeling more empowered to do what you came here to do and be!

Let’s explore what’s going on, together.
Let me be a conduit for your new awareness and connection to self.
Let me help you create a shift in your life. It’s what I am here to do.
I have a lot of clients who are ecstatic at the transformation they’ve been able to create for themselves – many in as little as four weeks.
Yes, really!

3910 Normal St Ste A
San Diego, CA 92103
Business Hours:
By appointment only

Yelp Reviews (18) Yelp

Debra has been a guiding light over the few months we have worked together. With her guidance I have revolutionized my wellness. I cleared out the ... read more

Debra really does have the healing touch - I immediately felt better after getting reiki treatment from her: my ailments went away, my energy lift... read more

The most amazing life coach ever! My first session with Debra started in May of this year and the coaching session was a pivotal point of my life. ... read more

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