LS Acupuncture Herbs & Acupressure

LS Acupuncture Herbs & Acupressure

About LS Acupuncture Herbs & Acupressure

The Traditional Chinese Medicine’s theory believes that a kind of energy field in the Cosmos exists between the planets, which has impacted the Earth and human.

All the phenomenon of natural and human survival has been impacted in billions years by it,like as sun rises up from east and go down to west, every changing four seasons,ocean current moving from east to west .Even the human body has been impacted too. As we live on the earth, every thing is being impacted including the earth itself.

The earth goes around the Sun, it has a closest and furthest point around the sun in the track. That point is called the Golden Ratio Point, which appears in our life very often, as people gauge to another people’s body shape, usually our vision through by the Golden ratio that measures the proportion of which the distance is 0.618 from the navel center to head and to feet is the body considered perfect.

If compare both of the Golden Ratio, as the people and the cosmos, that the proportion is some 0.618 like a copy.

The TCM believes that our body inside has the Chi, which is vital energy.It rises up from left side and goes down to right side in the body, which establishes a circular track ,which has some way matched the rule of the sun and earth.

Acupuncture is the insertion through a point to activate the Chi for treatment. After that, the Chi and Meridians and the power field are activated.

As body gets a sick, the field becomes too weak, slow,even blocked or stuck. Acupuncture is used to stimulate the special acupoints to restart the field and make it work normal again, those points are of the Golden Ratio of the meridian bring a strong Chi to adjust the sick field for treatment.

So the cure from acupuncture is not from needles, but it is from the cosmos energy field.

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