Impact Fitness

Impact Fitness

About Impact Fitness

Impact-Fitness was started by an average group of friends passionate and devoted to health and fitness they meet together through a journey of trial and error through many different experiences and mentorships, they ultimately agreed upon the need to create an easy to follow system that solves the issue of diet and work out plans that don’t work. Pulling together as a team they were determined to create a movement within the fitness industry, working together and adding their different skills to the formula they created a new system that worked.

Impact-fitness is comprised of passionate educators and skilled specialists who are devoted to making an impact not only on your fitness and your life but on the lives of everyone we cross paths with.

We are dedicated to helping others, by providing you with the proper knowledge you need to achieve your goals and attain your desired image. Through dedication and persistence we will equip you with the tools you need to overcome challenges, turn your weaknesses into strengths, and break down barriers that will reveal the true potential that exists within you to the world.

What differentiates us

What separates us from others is that we are able to work together with you and provide a support system that empowers and motivates you to guarantee your success. When you first sign up for a trainer you are set up with an appointment to set up goals and what your desired image is. The problem with that is that they are going off of their academic knowledge rather than their professional experience. The evaluation on the client (you), is overlooked and achievable goals are set on what you have to do to get there but not what it takes to be there. It’s like this, would you rather take advice from a student that is still learning to box or from a heavy weight champion that has experience? Personal trainers are limited to what they can train you on since a lot of them give you advice that is tailored towards them. You have to understand what works for them doesn’t necessarily work for you. What we do is instead of limiting you because of your disadvantages we find a more efficient solution with the maximum results to you reaching your goals. We wouldn’t give you advice on something we haven’t done ourselves.

Why we love what we do

What we do at Impact-Fitness is evaluate your body, using our knowledge and experience we customize a simple to follow plan based on your strengths and or weaknesses to achieve yours and our goal which is optimum fitness. It is an easy to follow formula; we make things simple, convenient, efficient, and achievable for everyone of all body types (somatotype) no matter what your gender, background, ethnicity, or age. Our philosophy is if you cannot simply explain something then you truly do not understand it.

196 N. Third St.,
San Jose, CA 95112
Business Hours:
By appointment only
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