Triad Of Health Family Healing Center

Triad Of Health Family Healing Center

About Triad Of Health Family Healing Center

Triad Of Health Family Healing Center was established in 2014. We have had a background for more than 13 years in holistic health and the study of herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, chiropractic, energy medicine, Professional Applied Kinesiology and a variety of modalities - especially those involving diagnosis. The clinic director, Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff, is a Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology which is the highest level of achievement one can reach in the study of muscle testing, function and physiology. He is now able to help patients with seemingly hopeless conditions get better quickly by using the many years of training in diagnosis to discover and treat the underlying causes of his patient's ailments.

What differentiates us

We offer chiropractic, nutrition, homeopathy, herbs and thousands of different therapies. We balance the acupuncture meridians as well as provide therapies that balance hormones naturally. We specialize in helping women with hormonal imbalances and people who are having difficulties with their thyroid gland. Our approach involves a very thorough initial examination that allows us to get all of the information we need to determine whether or not we can help you with your particular health concerns. We take all of the time necessary to listen and figure out your health solution. Whether the challenges you face are fatigue, headaches, stubborn belly fat, PMS, feeling like crying, anger, allergies, infertility, night sweats or the need for hormone replacement therapy, we are usually able to help. We help most people with most ailments mostly quickly but are not able to help everyone with everything. Doing the initial proper detective work is crucial.

How we were trained

Undergraduate Training: U.C.L.A. (BFA), Cleveland College of Chiropractic, and New College of California.

Graduate Training: Southern California University of Health Sciences
School Of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

Life Chiropractic College West (Doctor of Chiropractic).

4340 Redwood Hwy Ste D318
San Rafael, CA 94903
Business Hours:
By appointment only

Yelp Reviews (17) Yelp

Dr. Ilya is a bad human being, my experience with him was nothing short of horrible. Not only is he rude, condescending, and full of shit, but he h... read more

Dr. Ilya goes above and beyond what I expect from any health practitioner; it's apparent that he really cares about each patient and takes all the ... read more

Do not make an appointment!!! Ilya is odd, rude, and creepy. This is not a typical "chiropractor." He is more of an herbalist, holistic type of Dr.... read more

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Google Reviews

Dr. Ilya has been of great help for me and my family's health. read more

I recommend Doctor Ilya S; I used to have anxiety problems, since Doctor Ilya treated me I've never had panic attacks. I didn't believe that his m... read more

I had problem with my ovary and gastritis; the doctor where I used to go he only prescribed me medicine bur never told to change my life style. Sin... read more

If you have not ever been a mother before then you probably would not understand the anguish and heartache involved with seeing one of your own chi... read more

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