About Cuerpaso

Celebrity Trainer Tadeo A. developed a signature workout routine called Cuerpaso® (meaning "Awesome Body" in Spanish and Portuguese), incorporating his soccer-training skills and traditional Brazilian dance moves to give women the sexy Brazilian body they crave. This class burns fat, not muscle, and gives you a natural butt lift and tummy tuck better and faster than a plastic surgeon.
Benefits of Cuerpaso®:
* Gives you the Copacabana beach body and The Girl from Ipanema confidence. You can trust Cuerpaso® - the founder Tadeo is Brasilian and knows what a girl should look like on the beach.
* Natural Butt Lift - Tadeo understands the science behind giving you the butt you desire no matter your background or origin
* 6 Pack Abs - Burning that last layer of fat and exposing a flat cut stomach
* Euphoria - The beach soccer team atmosphere and serene ocean backdrop transport you from LA to Rio

What differentiates us

Results Driven. Top Gym & Universities Worldwide. Celebrity Trainer. Have been elected by the world's top media as most fun and effective class. Drug free :)

How we were trained

U.S.C., Brazil, Germany

Why we love what we do

I'm very passionate about health and sports, which I have practiced and learned about from Europe to Asia to Latin America and the USA.

2600 Ocean Front Walk,
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Business Hours:
By appointment only

Yelp Reviews (18) Yelp

This class rocks!!! In my 15 year career as a fitness instructor and PT therapist I have done every possible workout out there. I found CUERPASO a... read more

The Cuerpaso beach soccer work out is AMAZING and UNIQUELY FUN! Not only do you get to work out by the beautiful ocean, but you also get one of the... read more

This is truly the best group work-out I have ever participated in! After trying multiple exercise regimens (i.e. the gym, barre method, exercise d... read more

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