Lau Kune Do Temple Of Martial Arts

Lau Kune Do Temple Of Martial Arts

About Lau Kune Do Temple Of Martial Arts

Sifu Spencer is the owner and Sifu of the Pasadena Branch of Lau Kune Do-Temple of Kung Fu and Tai Chi. He has trained directly under Master Tsim (Founder of LKD) and taken private lessons for 20 plus years (since 1992).

In Dec of 2010 Sifu Spencer chose the Pasadena area to root his School. Sifu Spencer is a dedicated teacher with training in many weapons, Forms, Sets, Applications and Self Defense Techniques.

Training with Sifu is for those looking to deeply understand Martial Arts and learn their most subtle, important aspects. Students learn to understand Soft and Hard, Internal and External, Simplicity and Economy of Motion. He trains his students with individual attention to utilize their strong points and strengthen their weak points, and to achieve the highest benefits and results for each student.

What differentiates us

Sifu Spencer believes, "It is not enough to be a good Martial Artist. You need to be a good Teacher. One must be able to get the information across in a way that can be understood, and make sense in real life situations. The more you learn, the more practical your learning should become, so it is as natural as blinking. It is a process of eliminating unnecessary motions with an ultimate goal: to be flowing like water."

How we were trained

Sifu Spencer advanced under Master Tsim and consistently moved up in his ranking to reach the level of Disciple. He became known among his class mates and students for being a very meticulous and detail oriented Teacher, with a deep understanding of the details and applications of the Art.

He began teaching Beginner and later Senior classes, along with Sparring, Self Defense, Tai Chi and many others. He taught classes for about fifteen years until he was endorsed By Master Tsim to be a "Branch Temple Keeper" and Sifu of Lau Kune Do Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

10633 Bogue Street,
Temple City, CA 91780
Business Hours:
By appointment only

Yelp Reviews (1) Yelp

Great place to learn Wing Chun. Good location, right off I-210. Nice and spacious gym. What I like the most is the class schedule, works well for p... read more

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