Yaelle Shaphir ,LAc

Yaelle Shaphir ,LAc

About Yaelle Shaphir ,LAc

When we are born, G-d/The Universe does not attach an owner's manual. It would be so much easier if this were so !
The Body is the vehicle in this lifetime. That vehicle must be maintained. Each individual's vehicle is unique. Every person must find their own Truth. What technologies & practices aid/maintain "The Vehicle" aka The Body? The Knowledge exists. Discover it and be transformed! What may work for one being may not for another. Within the realms of Healing - Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Homeopathy, N.A.E.T., B.R.T., Bio-magnetic rebalancing, Healing Energy - Each person must find his/her Truth. Within that Truth is the Key to Health-Full Living and Well Being. Enjoy the Journey!

How we were trained

MTOM (Master's of Traditional Oriental Medicine) Emperor's College 2000 Graduated Summa Cum Laude

1042 N Fairfax Ave,
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Business Hours:
By appointment only

MyTime Reviews (1)

| Acupuncture | over 4 years ago

Yaelle is one of the most fabulous health resources I know or could recommend.

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