Antoinette Cabral

Antoinette Cabral

About Antoinette Cabral

Antoinette Cabral is a Dating Expert, Matchmaker and Life Coach for Successful Men. She shares the female perspective on finding his dream woman. She traveled around the world and lived a life of adventure and personal development. She studied with Master Teachers, so she can learn how to be happy, life an amazing life, and how to be in successful and thriving relationships. She knows women from an emotional, biological, spiritual and sensual level. She knows what women want, need and DESIRE!!!
I take my clients on a one on one coaching program and see where a person's dating and love blind spots. Then, I map out a game plans, so he can SUCCEED and Get That One Special Girl!!
I believe that finding your dream woman is adventure. Let me be your guide. Are you ready?

What differentiates us

I teach men not just "techniques" on how to pick up on women; I teach a powerful system that stops men from attracting the drama queens, the hot messes, the gold diggers and the women that are never happy. I also give them the "female perspective" on relationships: How to love a woman, how to understand women, what they want, how to turn a woman on, how to keep her happy, etc.

How we were trained

I trained all over the world in places like Hawaii, Mexico, Oregon, Thailand, India where I studied with Master Teachers in Tantra, personal development, female sexuality, meditation and life transformational skills.

Why we love what we do

I love seeing men coming from messy relationships, lack of confidence or not being able to meet women, to seeing HUGE success in my clients. I love seeing my guys happy and wowed!

Business Hours:
By appointment only
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