Life Changing Hypnosis

Life Changing Hypnosis

About Life Changing Hypnosis

Life Changing Hypnosis provides personal and professional development services to individuals utilizing the formulation of life coaching, NLP, and hypnosis techniques. In addition, LC Hypnosis focuses on mental and emotional well-being, habitual behaviors, enhance performance, confidence, success programming, etc. In essence, every client is different and the techniques are designed to handle any issues or challenges of the client. In addition, LC Hypnosis help clients to be aware of the fundamental principles that are life changing.

LC Hypnosis offer more services such as the following:

* Weight Control
* Increase Performance
* Problem Solving
* Changing Habitual Behaviors
* Stress Management
* Relationships
* Physical and Mental Relaxation
* Finding Your Purpose
* Motivation, Confidence, Self-Esteem
* Success Programming
* Anxiety
* Financial Prosperity
* Depression
* Visualization and Guided Imagery

and more...

NOTE: Any diagnosed condition requires a referral from a licensed health specialist or physician before initiating work.

What differentiates us

I add value to my service by offering different or better holistic products that comes with the sessions.

How we were trained

*Board Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist (Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy)
*Certified Master NLP Practitioner (American Union of NLP)
*Certified Life Coach (American Union of NLP)
*Member of American Council of Hypnotists Examiners
*Member of International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists
*Psychology (Keiser University)

Why we love what we do

Communicating and interacting with the client are of most valuable. Moreover, every client is different; therefore, there is constantly something new to learn from the client. Significantly, after the client's achievement of their goals, it’s great to see the client go back out into the world with clarity and better understanding of themselves.

333 Se 2nd Ave, Suite 2047
Miami, FL 33131
Business Hours:
By appointment only
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