Hero Factory

Hero Factory

About Hero Factory

Serious training for the serious student. Progressive proven techniques. A mix of science, trans-formative teaching methodologies, and a new standard of basic techniques creating the desired performance and outcome. Progressing past para military training to a whole new standard. NOT the same old tactics.

Commissioned courses for civilian, corporate, private sector securty, and law enforcement. Security, protection, and weapons systems education.

Driven by mindset, focused on performance. The oppenent is ever evolving and your tactics and stratgegies need to do the same. We study violence so we may learn to avoid it, manage it, and if necessary use it to prevail. Knowledge is not enough, one must practice until they cannot get it wrong, then apply it to prevail. Curriculum concentrations in psychology, criminology, law, protection, defensive systems, use of force, and security are essential elements in the architecture of our programs. Rest assured we cover all the bases.

Corporate, private sector, and government courses are available coast to coast. Call to inquire. Open enrollment courses and lessons are available in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. We do provide services in all counties in each state. Looking to schedule a lesson or course? Give us a call and the educator local to your area will get in touch to discuss sheduling and range selection. We teach at the range of your choice. If you are new to the world of shooting and would like our staff to suggest a facility based on your goals and preference we would be happy to do so.

Corporate security consultation and training for in house or vendor based relationships.

Legal defense strategy consultation for self defense cases. Attorney screening and selection assistance, material and expert witnesses, and corporate liability mitigation and settlement strategy advisoy services.

Training program consultations: Performance audits, liability assssments, and development services. Our staff is experienced in department, school, and corporate training program development. From college curriculum development to officer training programs.

What differentiates us

Our staff comes equipped with field experience for notable clients such as Pitney Bowes, GTac, Thomas & Betts, Political Lobbies, Motorola, AT&T, Comcast, Honeywell, and Modine to name a few. Fortune 500 companies can choose anyone in the world to provide security for their key employees. They selected our staff members. Do you wonder if we are any good at what we do?

How we were trained

Personal and professional experience with violent events uniquely qualifies our staff to provide practical and sensitive coaching. We understand how to help you create a culture of accountability, capability, and responsibility for you as an individual and as a family or organization.

Collectively we have decades of crisis intervention, teaching, training, and consultative wisdom.

Why we love what we do

We save lives. It is rare to find the necessary blend of experience, industry experts, and resources to position you or your company for the desired outcome. We are proud to offer this and absolutely love serving our community and law enforcement.

Hero Factory
Georgia, GA 30747
Business Hours:
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