Body Basics Wellness Center

Body Basics Wellness Center

4554 N Dover St
Chicago, IL 60640
Business Hours:
By appointment only
This business has paused online booking. To check availability call: (312) 929-7979

About Body Basics Wellness Center

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What differentiates us

I am an intuitive; fully tapped into my higher brain or intuitive functioning. When we are in session I am totally present and dedicated to the work at hand, focused on your highest and best good, It makes a huge difference in the kind of wowing experience yo'll have related to any of our services. I promise you will leave feeling like a million dollars!

Every session is booked in a two hour window of time so that there is plenty of time to arrive calmly, time for conversation about you, no rushing on or off the table plus a full hour plus vs a 45 minute hour like most spas.

This is a Mini Vacation to bring you back to your Best Relaxed State!

We are able to help you heal or grow on many levels!

YOU are dynamic and ever changing. Every session is a custom fit to what you need in that moment. .

No, Never Nada.... we do not work from the One Size Fits All template.

How we were trained

Smithfield, Rhode Island
Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI

Excellence since 1992

Why we love what we do

Seeing injured and in pain or broken & tired over stressful moments or lives enter the sanctuary of my healing center then leave rejuvenated, pain free, energized and inspired is one of the many reasons i do this work. It reflects or embodies the original intent of the work, it's higher calling is the love i feel and have for my work;
As a facilitator of Higher Brain functioning through LOA Empowerment Principles and HigherBrainLiving activation, I can bring new meaning to life coaching, problem solving and coaching that is sustainable. the 2 modalities are a perfect pairing of tapping into your most powerful joyful authentic limitless potential and seeing the world in its ability to offer abundance vs limiting or fear based responses. I get to see people overcome issues of the mind or body; issues within relationships or within their environments that seemed insurmountable or a heavy burden. I get to see people overcome and grow and become deliberate Co-Creators of their lives manifesting abundances vs limitations.

Where i am and where I'm going with the healing arts; both on a physical level as well as an energetic level; is important work and is intended to affect the greater good for anyone who wants more from their lives. I AM a Change Agent.

We are both energetic and physical; the time is now to understand where your real power is and comes from... ..
Empowerment Training at all levels happens here within this sacred space!

Every thought has a vibrational energetic component that makes a difference in our lives regardless if you are aware or believe. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean the force isn’t operating and affecting what is revealed in our lives. The power of Now and Intention embodies that truth. Our center coordinates with this universal law and teaches this throughout. Energy is a part of everything and the results are no less than amazing and mind blowing.

4554 N Dover St
Chicago, IL 60640
Business Hours:
By appointment only

Yelp Reviews (4) Yelp

I walked in to Body Basics two days ago with a very stiff and painful lower back. After using the IMRS 2000 machine for 1 hour as well as the inve... read more

For the past two years I have experienced low back pain and anxiety. I've tried all types of treatments and therapies from the western to the easte... read more

When we found the American bulldog in December of 2009 tied to a tree and left to die, tossed out like trash, in the sub zero temperature, he was ... read more

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Google Reviews

Been a client for over a year now, Bob is a great guy and has a good intuition for identifying pain points and helping to eliminate them read more

I have been visiting Bob on a very regular basis and I can attest -- he is one of the best!! His hands and technique are amazing. He has a great ... read more

On a recent visit to Chicago I had the pleasure of receiving a treatment from Bob. The session included massage, inversions and magnetic therapy, w... read more

On a recent visit to Chicago I had the pleasure of receiving a treatment from Bob. The session included massage, inversions and magnetic therapy, w... read more

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