Masala Bhangra Workout

Masala Bhangra Workout

About Masala Bhangra Workout

If you have not heard about this new FITNESS DANCE ROUTINE you are missing out on a lot of fun !!!
Its New and its taking the world by storm !!!

The Masala Bhangra Workout® modernizes the high-energy folk dance of Bhangra by blending traditional dance steps with the exhilaration of Bollywood moves, salsa and hip-hop.

This new form of workout blends the high-energy folk dance from Punjab with adrenaline pumping Bollywood moves !!!

Masala Bhangra is a 45-60 minutes class and the music is based on dhol beats which help in making it a high energy workout.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A DANCER to be eligible for Masala Bhangra.

1. It is a group activity and is a lot of fun
2. Burns up to 500 calories or more in an hour.
3. It is a cardiovascular workout with emphasis on arms,
shoulders, legs and core muscles.
4. Overall toning,body conditioning and builds endurance
stamina and balance.
5. Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.
6. Classes are easy to follow and can be modified to each
participants comfort level, making it accessible to all
fitness enthusiasts!


Chetana Prakash and Gurleen Bajaj are certified Masala Bhangra Trainers.

You will be stomping, clamping and sweating in the Masala Bhangra Workout® – repeatedly noted as one of the hottest fitness programs.

Get in better shape while sharing in this great cultural experience! You are sure to experience a true Masala Bhangra® jam.

How we were trained

From Masala Bhangra Ambassdor Training, New York.

136 Morrisville Square Way,
Morrisville, NC 27560
Business Hours:
By appointment only
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