Dog Charmer LLC

Dog Charmer LLC

About Dog Charmer LLC


IS your dog not listening to you?
DOES your dog not respect the rules of your house?
DOES your dog chew up your things and furniture?
DOES your dog go to the bathroom in the house?
IS your dog fearful, aggressive, or have anxiety?
IS your dog uncontrollable on a leash?

There Are Only 4 Elements That a Person Needs To Have In Order To Work With, Teach, and/or Rehabilitate Any Dog or Puppy.
They Need To Be:
1) Calm
2) Confident
3) Consistent
4) Patient
If you can do those 4 things - You can teach and/or rehabilitate any dog.
It's really that simple!

I Specialize in Canine Behavior and I Teach Inter-Species Communication.
This Allows People to:
* Eliminate all behavior problems such as:
unruly dogs, dogs that do not listen, aggression, fear, and dogs with anxiety no matter the age or breed of the dog.
* To properly communicate rules of your house to your dog.
* To gain Trust and Respect from your dog as that cannot be bought. Any stranger can walk Up to your dog and make them sit for a treat - there is no trust or respect there.
* Communicate to their dog in a language the dog understands which is through emotions and body language. When I work with dogs I do not speak to them.
Emotions Are Communication - Be Careful What You Are Saying!
* Learn the dogs way of life. Dogs and Humans are 2 different species and their way of life is quite different than ours.
* Learn the way dogs view and interpret the world. People sometimes forget, dogs are animals even though they are domesticated. Dogs perceive and understand things very differently than we humans do.
* Determine the true cause of the dog's unwanted behavior.
* To read and understand canine communication.

It is important to keep in mind that when you are teaching your dog something - it is new to them and something they don't know; therefore, you have to be Patient with them especially since they are another species.
Always put yourself in their shoes. If someone was trying to teach you something, would you listen if they got Annoyed with you? Frustrated with you? Was unsure of themselves? Was a nervous wreck?
No, you wouldn't - Well your dog is not going to respond to that state of mind either!

Why we love what we do

I make people understand dogs for what they are truly about which enables them to have a wonderful relationship with their dog.

We come to you, up to 50 miles
Business Hours:
By appointment only
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