Acupuncture Buffalo

Acupuncture Buffalo

About Acupuncture Buffalo

Our Manifesto — Empowering patients

You will notice from our website, and you will hear it from our patients, that we are nothing like other physicians offices — even other acupuncture physicians. That is because when forming Acupuncture Buffalo, we wanted to provide an answer to what we felt was the fundamental flaw in modern medicine — disempowerment.

No matter what type of medicine we seek out, we either get results or we don’t. Either way we feel like a body in the room that either comes back repaired, or still broken, and we have no idea how to repair ourselves. Some patients come to us after seeing other physicians. They say things like: “The neurologist couldn’t fix me,” “The gynecologist couldn’t fix me,” “Another acupuncturist couldn’t fix me,” “Can you fix me?” …and the answer is no. We cannot fix you, and up until this recent health or wellness roadblock, you did not need much outside influence to fix you. Your body healed on its own and you did what it took to support that healing.

What differentiates us

Your treatment may look quite different from other acupuncture you have experienced. In order to truly empower you to take the drivers seat, we spend a lot of time with you. If you come to Acupuncture Buffalo as a five element acupuncture patient, you can expect that we will spend the entire treatment in the room with you. We will only rarely leave the room while you are being treated. We made a very conscious decision to only treat one person at a time. This allows us time during your treatment to work together to help you find the answers you are looking for and to support you in making the changes that you have been trying to make. Ultimately we know that this is what will make your gains from acupuncture more permanent.

How we were trained

Georgia Institute of Technology
Academy for Five Element Acupuncture
Worsley Institute
...every patient we have ever treated

Why we love what we do

We love watching you make profound changes in your health and happiness that you never thought you could have. Acupuncture Buffalo is a place for people who want to take back their healing. We use acupuncture and nutritional supplementation to help you feel like yourself again. But, our ultimate goal is to help you to optimize how you use your body, mind and emotions so that you can experience genuine health and well-being and can support the genuine health and well-being of those around you.

1109 Delaware Ave, Front Entrance
Buffalo, NY 14209
Business Hours:
By appointment only

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I have had two sessions with Ronald and let me start by saying he is amazing!! The first session we sat down and went over all the aches, pains and... read more

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Google Reviews

I would highly recommend Ashlyn to anyone considering acupuncture! She has treated my recurring ovarian cysts as well as a moderate level of stres... read more

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I have been seeing Ashlyn for two months now. I would have reviewed her the day after our first session due to the incredible and immediate differe... read more

I have been seeing Ashlyn for two months now. I would have reviewed her the day after our first session due to the incredible and immediate differe... read more

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