Zenshinkai Aikido Of Manhattan: Genshinkan Dojo

Zenshinkai Aikido Of Manhattan: Genshinkan Dojo

About Zenshinkai Aikido Of Manhattan: Genshinkan Dojo

Welcome to Zenshinkai Aikido of Manhattan: Genshinkan Dojo, a school committed to propagating the art of Aikido through quality instruction as originally passed on by the late F. Toyoda Shihan.

What differentiates us

We incorporate Zen meditation into the practice. These martial and spiritual philosophies go hand-in-hand, deepening practitioners' understanding of the fundamental values of Aikido. Zen practice helps apply the concepts of creating peace and harmony to the world beyond the dojo walls.

How we were trained

Gary Wagener Sensei is a Sandan (3rd degree black belt) Aikikai, recognized by Hombu dojo in Japan. In 2012 he was appointed as a member of the National Teaching Committee for Zenshinkai Aikido Association.

Robert Hoff Sensei is a Sandan (3rd degree black belt) Aikikai, recognized by Hombu dojo in Japan. Mr. Hoff began his aikido training at Jikishinkan Dojo in Brooklyn, New York, under the instruction of Joseph Jarman Sensei. It was following an intensive period in the practice of Zen Buddhism that he became initially attracted to the art.

Why we love what we do

Aikido is the Art of Peace, the Way of Harmony. While utilizing powerful body mechanics and wrist-locks, blending with the energy of an opponent is of great importance, as opposed to merely applying brute force and making it a competition of strength. In this way, it is a deeply humbling and rewarding path.

62 E 4th St, 5th Floor
Manhattan, NY 10003
Business Hours:
By appointment only

MyTime Reviews (1)

| Martial Arts | over 2 years ago

I was made comfortable from the moment i got in the door of the building. Friendly environment.

Yelp Reviews (15) Yelp

Cannot stress how important Aikido and this dojo has become, a grounding force that has nurtured growth on multiple levels. A beacon of calm in a b... read more

Today, as corny as I sound, I saw something beautiful. After a brief exchange of words, l saw two budokas embrace each other. A moment later, on... read more

Practicing at Zenshinkai Aikido of Manhattan is consistently one of the highlights of my week. All of the students who practice at the dojo are ver... read more

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Google Reviews

Prior to visiting Genshinkan Dojo, I had no experience with martial arts. It is an art, and this dojo is full of a collective pride, pride that enc... read more

For ten years I wanted to learn Aikido. Not just any martial art. Aikido. The idea of transferring energy directed at you without having to be big ... read more

read more

I was sitting on the train one day and suddenly the thought of doing Aikido came to my mind. Then here I am finding myself here at the dojo every w... read more

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