ZIDE, Inc.

ZIDE, Inc.

We come to you, up to 25 miles
Business Hours:
By appointment only

About ZIDE, Inc.

ZIDE is an on demand Car Care company. We focus on saving you time when it comes to the basic necessities of your car.

-Car wash
-Auto Body Work
-Oil change
-Gas fill up (with additional services)
-Mechanic work

We Now Offer DMV Services
-Plate Surrender
-End of Lease Services

ZIDE "On Demand" car care. We take care of your vehicle when you are too busy with work, kids and your small business. We take pride in offering the best professional services to you. Call us, email or book your order online. We pick up and deliver your automobile to you, giving you the utmost in customer service. Just kickback and let us ease the stress. No more waiting at the mechanic for your inspection or waiting at the car wash for that long, drawn out detailing process.

Just contact ZIDE and we'll be right there to service all of your automotive needs. Or Book right here on "MyTime". We pick up & deliver your vehicle anywhere you're located in the New York area. We match you with the best, closest, quality and price efficient service provider in your area.

We Pick Up YOUR vehicle, Service it, then Drop it Off to YOU

If you need Auto Body work don't hesitate to call. We couldn't add it here because it's specific to each vehicle. Don't hesitate to call at all were here for YOU!!!! 347-407-9500


"End of Lease Services"

“End of Lease Services” is a very vital service for customers. Returning your vehicle from a lease typically takes a couple of hours out of your day. Minimum 2-3 hours.

1) First you must schedule the appointment.
2) Secondly you have to wrap your head around what’s needed to bring your vehicle back to the dealership without any extra charges.
3)Thirdly take time off to commute to the dealership with a party in tow to help you get a ride back home or to work.
4) Lastly you have to return your plates.

Sounds “STRESSFUL” doesn’t it? From now on. It doesn’t have to be. We now take you cover all your steps in returning your vehicle at the end of your lease.

*Need BODY WORK...... No Sweat
*Paint job
*Drop Off & Sign Services at YOUR dealership on Your behalf
*Surrendering Plates


What differentiates us

Were "On Demand" there's no waiting. We come out to you. We do everything when it comes to your car and it's care. First of all were "On Demand" Car Care so what that means is; book today and get service today. Second of all our services cover all of your car care needs; that means anything. Hand car wash & wax, detail, oil change & more; absolutely whatever you need. We're different because we save you time by picking up your vehicle. And we match you to the closest service provider in your area; not just the closest the best in quality, price and most importantly time efficiency. So you get an absolutely reasonable service time and return to your doorstep.


"We Pick Up YOUR vehicle, Service it, then Drop it Off to YOU"

How we were trained

We've partnered with the best car care vendors in the New York Tri-State area. Our network of service providers have been thoroughly vetted and give your vehicle only the best in service.

Why we love what we do

We love servicing our customers. It's out pleasure to save them time and get the job they need done at a reasonable cost to them.

We come to you, up to 25 miles
Business Hours:
By appointment only
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MyTime Reviews (1)

| Auto Detailing | almost 5 years ago

Everything was perfect!! I will use them again and recommend them to everyone!!! Thanks so much for doing such a great job!!

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