Nicci Rachel Salon, LLC

Nicci Rachel Salon, LLC

About Nicci Rachel Salon, LLC

Nicci Rachel Salon is currently a concept salon working toward bridging the gap between health of the human body and health of the hair. The philosophy is that although we can't fight genetics, we may be able to slow down time and bring back what was lost too early. By focusing on various "triggers", finding the root cause, and taking action, the plan is to help clients who are grey-ing prematurely, pattern baldness in men and women, post-natal hair loss, hormone hair thinning, and much, much more.

What differentiates us

By utilizing advancements in the industry, knowledge of nutrition, biochemistry, psychology and physics, and bringing these fields into the beauty industry the goal is to be able to give clients the opportunity to look the way they have always wanted and more importantly, give clients a chance to look their best which every person deserves.

In addition, with advancements and techniques using various integration methods with hair extensions, an individual can do hair and scalp treatments to restore their own hair while wearing a full or partial set of hair extensions that give the look of a beautiful natural full head of hair.

All coloring services are based on the pH scale and are customized to the individual based on the current level of alkalinity of the hair, hair type, previous color treatments, sun exposure, and desired result. The goal is to maintain within a specific range to open the cuticle just enough to allow complete color deposit or lift without any access and then closing the cuticle by lowering the pH back to the hair's natural acidic state.

All cutting services are coordinated to the individual face shape using a 1:1.618 ratio to maintain the most natural balance all around and to create a look of symmetry, and a look that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The client's hair, lifestyle, facial structure, and home routine are all taken into consideration during the consultation to ensure easy styling and maintenance at home.

8308 Preston Rd, Suite 205
Plano, TX 75024
Business Hours:
By appointment only

MyTime Reviews (2)

| Haircut | over 4 years ago

she no longer works at this location. would be nice if she updated that and did not allow appointments to be confimed

| Hair Styling | over 5 years ago

Great blowout as always.

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