Unique Humanum Coaching Terapeutico

Unique Humanum Coaching Terapeutico

About Unique Humanum Coaching Terapeutico

I am a Marriage and Family Counselor and Life Coach, specializing in couples coaching. I am fluent in both English and Spanish and work with couples, and individuals, from all cultures and walks of life. I have been married for 20 years to a partner outside of my own culture. This makes me uniquely qualified to coach couples that are from very different backgrounds and culture.

What differentiates us

I can help people walk the path of darkness. My life is all about courage to walk this path. I have had to overcome my own disadvantages, ones that often appeared hidden to everyone but me. These hidden emotional battles have often required a great deal of courage to face each new day. I am trying to live, walk and embody this courage every day in my life and my work. Helping others to overcome their own struggles and find happiness is how I do this.

How we were trained

I received a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling from the University of Nevarra, Spain. I am also certified with the Training Coaches Institute, and international school that began in San Francisco. I have trained at The Gottman Institute and Dream University.

Why we love what we do

I have a calling for counseling. I feel I was born to help people, that is how I find meaning in life. I know from my own life experience that we sometimes get stuck and need assistance to move forward. With coaching it is about where you are and moving forward.

2508 Donner Path,
Round Rock, TX 78681
Business Hours:
By appointment only
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