Kip Duvall Structural Bodywork

Kip Duvall Structural Bodywork

About Kip Duvall Structural Bodywork

I have been in the same Westlake location for over 20 years. It is a nice office, with a spacious waiting room, two massage rooms, and a bathroom in the suite. It is a second story office in a wooded area, with lots of windows for good natural light.

What differentiates us

My approach to massage is somewhat different than what many people would consider a "normal'' massage. It is deeper, and less soothing than light, spa type Swedish massage (also less oily). It is not as deep, or as painful as some of the rip and tear myofascial release techniques out there which may promote the appropriate breakdown of problems in the soft tissues, but agitate the nervous system. My work is slow, and gradual, fairly intense at times, but hopefully within your capacity to relax into it. This promotes a more of a letdown in the nervous system, because you have to work at it. Relaxation is an important skill that has to be practiced to improve, much like strength, and dynamic movement (especially as we get older).
I will work the core of your body (spine, hips, shoulders, neck) with techniques which are my own. I find your tension, and to show it to you, so that you can feel it and let it go. It's a natural biofeedback mechanism. My hope is that it will bring relaxation to your body, and peace to your mind.

How we were trained

I received my massage training at the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, in Austin Texas.
I have been involved in the alternative health field for over 30 years, studying nutrition, psychology, spirituality, and exercise science.

Why we love what we do

I have been doing massage full time for 25 years. Over that period I've done thousands of massages, and my fascination with the human body has never diminished.
My work allows me to make a living doing something that I love, and to help others at the same time. It's a win-win situation.

3939 Bee Cave Rd., Building A, Suite #201,
Westlake Hills, TX 78746
Business Hours:
By appointment only

MyTime Reviews (2)

| Massage | over 3 years ago

Excellent massage as always!

| Massage | over 4 years ago

outstanding as usual!

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