Nurturing Water Therapies

Nurturing Water Therapies

Business Hours:
By appointment only
This business has paused online booking. To check availability call: (425) 429-6706

About Nurturing Water Therapies

Nurturing Water Therapies' mission is to nurture the human body and spirit of those who are health challenged.

We provide affordable care using individualized services including
Adaptive Swim Lessons
Therapeutic Exercises

Our services complement your existing therapies and treatment.

We help people of all ages with sensory, developmental, neurological, physical or other health challenges.

We know what it's like to have loved ones who require life-long care and we are impassioned to help you.


Does your child experience difficulty with sensory integration, motor planning, social interaction and communication?
We are experienced in using specialized techniques and equipment designed for these unique challenges.

Are you concerned your child will not succeed in a group setting?
Our private sessions allow the instructor to adjust the pace of each lesson to better fit the child's individual abilities.

Do you have a persistent, life-long or debilitating condition that requires physical and/or occupational therapy?
Our aquatic programs complement your therapists' and other medical providers' treatment plans.

Do you have chronic pain and want to be able to exercise with ease?
The water’s buoyancy supports the body’s weight, which reduces stress on the joints and minimizes pain.

Do you want your loved one with special needs to learn water safety skills or be a better swimmer?
We will assess your child's swim abilities during the first session and develop a swim lesson plan based on the results coupled with the family's goals.

Are you frustrated with land-based therapies and treatments with minimal or no results?
Water has unique properties that make performing therapy activities either easier or more challenging, depending on the need.
When in water, the body has to only support 10% of its weight. Being in the water allows you to safely exercise without fear of falling.
Exercising in the water alleviates joint pains and increases circulation improving your range of motions.
The water's resistance helps build muscle strength and flexibility.

Does your insurance have limited or no coverage for physical or occupational therapy?
We offer a lower cost alternative therapeutic option. You can utilize your Flexible Spending Account to pay for our services.

Do you hesitate to try aquatic exercises or aquatic therapy because you don't know how to swim?
You do not need to know how to swim to be able to do aquatic exercises or aquatic therapy. We can even teach you how to swim if that is one of your goals.

What differentiates us

Your aquatic plan includes various aquatic strategies customized for you based on your specific needs, goals and interests. Your instructor makes adjustments along the way based on your progress and feedback, and always keeping you or your family informed.

We work with parents, caregivers, teachers, medical providers and other professionals in charge of your care to ensure a cohesive treatment plan.

Our fees are at least 50% less than physical and occupational therapists' fees. If you have limited financial resources, visit our Resources page for grants or funding for adaptive swim lessons, aquatic exercises and aquatic therapy.

Business Hours:
By appointment only

MyTime Reviews (200)

| Aquatic Therapy | 6 days ago

We love Jenny! She does great with my kids.

| Aquatic Therapy | 17 days ago

Very easy for the parent and perfect chemistry with my kiddo to put her at ease and build her confidence!

| Aquatic Therapy | 22 days ago

Jenny made my son work hard in the water, and he loved it!

| Aquatic Therapy | about 1 month ago

My son loved his time in the pool with Jenny. We can’t wait for the next session!

| Aquatic Therapy | about 1 month ago

Miss Jenny was amazing, as always!!

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