Harmonious Relations Face Painting

Harmonious Relations Face Painting

1900 Ashwood Downs Ln. Se
Olympia, WA 98501
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About Harmonious Relations Face Painting

I am capable to do a very broad range of work through many mediums. I am able to tap into facets that most can not tackle adequately. My art is so diverse. I think its necessary to share a few of my services. This way you begin to imagine all of the possibilities for yourself and the art you wish to incorporate into your life.

My services include (but not limited!!):

* personalized painting/ drawings (any size or surface and ablitity to replicate or create any art requested. Wether it be portrait, landscape, abstract, realism, 4D and 3D, or any thing you could imagine!)
* one-on-one art lesson or groups (drawing, beading, crafts, kids crafts, screen printing, muraling, oils, wax art, painting, cartooning, ink art, pencil sketching/shading, portraits, decorating, clamation, scrap booking, digital art and editing, and many more!)
* paint parties (host, teach, and provide supplies; individual or private parties, work groups, employees appreciation or incentives, large groups, or retirement home activties, youth groups, school, and many more) private sessions available.
* expressive art therapy with emphasis on inward healing and spiritual connectiveness.
* murals, (commercially, residential, community based, donation and fundraiser participation, buildings, walls, concrete, reader boards, billboards, windows, patios, drive ways, vehicles, amongst agricultural, city, rural, all alike!)
* furniture re-imagined! (Refurbish and restyle)
* stage/theater Art (back drops, scene creation)
* face painting (festivals, private party, community events, youth events, etc.)
* body paint and temporary tattos
* henna art
* logo creation
* 3D chalk art (concrete, reader boards,m, any surface okay!)
* makeup artistry (teach and provide application);airbrush included
* event entertainment of all sorts
and so so much more! The possibilities are endless!

I can recreate any piece of furniture; kitchen table, chairs,desk, dressers, coffee tables, lamp shade, shelves, cabinets, jewelry boxes, Patios, signage, vases, windows, and much more.

I can individualize any piece of deco art you may request; canvas acrylic paintings, charcoal art, oil pastels, oil paint, pencil, pen (similar to tattoo artistry) decorative paper embellishments, just to name a few. Many request that I receive are for inside of the home, and with a color scheme to compliment the living space more closely then a piece bought at a store or venue. This method gives the home owner a feeling of co-creating a specialized piece only for them. Not another of its kind in creation. I request from my clients the colors they would prefer, as well as the painting style. At times, clients have even had an image or drawing that was needing to be replicated or simply used for inspiration.

The size of these pieces can be at any dimension. The bigger the better! I can do small pieces such as 3x3 inch, or large like 30 x 45 ft, or even larger such as, and entire wall or driveway!

I can also do stage art. This is a bit more on the rare side of things, but I have had request in the past to make the backgrounds and backdrops of theater sets and small plays.

Whatever is desired by my clients I will create it, no matter size, medium, or imagery chosen.

Another very cool piece of work that I do it event entertainment. This is where I am co-participating in a performance. Generally it is music or some form or acoustic. While the artist is performing i am on stage at the same time creating a piece of art to the music. This is a fun piece to the stage performance and enhance the overall experience for the guest.

I also provide lessons to those seeking To explore this part of their creative process. I am available to teach all mediums of paintings, (pencil, ink, charcoals, oil pastels, oil paint, acrylic, watercolor) as well as all modes of painting (canvas, paper, an old lamp shade, or a favorite old table needing an updated appearance.)

All ages are able to learn basic skill as well as the more advanced. Whatever your skill level may be or what age you may have, I can meet you were you are and provide you the skill I have accumulated throughout my more than 20 years of experience.

During a session, I believe one should have an enjoyable experience. An experience full of fun, joyful interchange, and incredible creativity that is allowed to be expressed freely and effortlessly.

I think that art work is a form of therapy, to both the client hanging a piece of art in their home or office. Stretching to the student that knows and feels an urge within to create something, but just need a little guidance to help it come out and be seen. The art work itself holds the energy the painter puts into their work. This is a vibration that will follow the picture any where it may end up, making it a treasure beyond measure.

A few additional services I offer: art therapy and art painting parties.

Art therapy is a form of counseling an psychological uncovering. I use art to assist my client in getting deeper inwardly and stimulation both sides of the brain to produce astounding results and therapeutic methods to assist my clients for many years to come.

The creative process unravels what is being hidden or neglected within. It is a outlet of expression, emotions,and feelings the mind and body have stored. If and when my clients decided see me, after the very-first session, insights and awakening experiences unfold for the majority I assist.

Paint parties are so much fun. If you want to have a girls night out, a date with anew potential, or just a nice memorable experience with you child, a paint party is the way to go,
During the party, I lecture art history and techniques. This can be additional or not. I leave that up to my clients. I am there to help through. Giving extra care and attention to those wanting to improve, to those not confident enough to really let go and have a blast.

For parties I have all of the supplies and would not require my clients to have any responsibility for products and purchases. The parties can be either paint on canvas or paper, to bowls, plates, or any item that may be desired.

What differentiates us

Primarily I stand out from other Artist/Art Teachers because of where my heart lies while amidst teaching or simply guiding the client to there own inner potentials, as well as where I am during a project. I Allow my clients and myself structure, but flexiblity to be whatever they desire. I give the support and space for creativity to flow from a pure place. Allowing the art to unfold effortlessly.
I like to encourage my clients to tap into their own creative imaginations. In doing so the art is a astoundingly beautiful and authentic. It is such a personal internally therapeutic experience, a student can achieve/ All~the~while learning tools and basic painting/art skills to begin

The art that I create as an Artisit not a teacher, is a unique blend of fractal and modern abstract design. Giving it an authentic overtone and a mysterious alchemy. The energy I place into my work, literally poor through the paint brush onto my canvas allowing brilliantly bright energy to radiate from it where ever it may end up.

I also like to personalize my paintings so that it is made special for the client. Personalization is a part of the creative process. Inspiration comes from my clients when they enthusiastically participate in the overall creation. This also assist with clients being satisfied and have a feeling of certainty around the art they select. Leaving feeling satisfied and pleased with the end results.
As for the work I produce. I am uniquely different then any I've ever seen. My style is one that not many hold. I have an fractal abstract approach the tends to be authenticity of it's own.

Why we love what we do

I love Art!
Art is almost a forgotten trade in this day in age. School programs have been cut leaving our children's imagination and creativity far from their daily lives. When I teach art to the younger generations, their entire selves light up and glow with a joyful undertone.
Art inspires, heals, transforms, and regenerates so much for individuals that tap into the well of health and all of it's benefits. Which I have been so blessed to be able to provide teaching methods to these few an allow art to continue to flourish.

1900 Ashwood Downs Ln. Se
Olympia, WA 98501
Come to us OR we'll travel to you, up to 50 miles
Business Hours:
By appointment only

MyTime Reviews (2)

| facepainting | almost 2 years ago

Face painter changed appointment time without consulting us. Moreover, the artist never showed up.

| Makeup Application | about 2 years ago

She was an amazing a artist! Great with the kids and went over what I expected as far as entertaining . I’d definitely recommend her and hire her a... read more

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