How often should I get my hair cut?

Whether you have long hair or short hair, we should all be getting our hair cut regularly to keep it looking great. Find out how often you should be visiting the salon or barber.

Do I need a haircut or just a trim?

Getting a trim helps keep your hair looking fresh and healthy. Trims aren’t just another word for haircut, so what are they exactly? Trims are used between haircuts as a way to get rid of split ends and maintain your current style. Trims don’t involve a change in hairstyle – they’re sort of hair maintenance. At some salons you can even get a “dry cut” trim (which don’t include and washing or blow dry) and they're quick, awesome, and cheap.

When should I have a trim instead of a haircut?

Haircuts are more time consuming than trims and can include just about anything: layering hair, a new hairstyle, feathering or thinning hair, using a razor blade, adding new bangs, etc. They are more extensive and usually come with a shampoo and blow dry. Haircuts can include a totally new style or just some slight changes, but certainly make a noticeable difference in your hairstyle.

Trims, on the contrary, are used when your hairstyle needs to stay the same, but you need to do a little upkeep on your current style, fix split ends, or just encourage your hair to grow out more healthily. The golden rule is – when you’re happy with your hairstyle, you should go for a trim instead of a haircut.

For many salons, a trim is treated the same as a haircut. Be sure to communicate with your hairstylist if you're looking to change your current hairstyle, or just want that trim.

How often do I need to trim or cut my hair?

Although you should have your hair trimmed regularly, some people may need it more often than others. If you have short hair, it's recommended that you get a cut every 4-6 weeks.

If you're growing your hair long, don't forget you still also need to have regular trims – growing long hair shouldn’t mean you should skip the hairdresser altogether! Trims every 6-8 weeks ensure hair grows out evenly and healthy.

If you color your hair or use any other type of chemical treatment on it, this usually results in drier hair. Dry hair tends to break easier and develop more split ends, meaning you’ll need more frequent trims (every 4-6 weeks) even if your hair is long.

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