Sports Massage

What is a Sports Massage?

This specialized form of massage is used to prepare athletes for peak performance and is given before, during and after sports events. The purpose of sports massage is to prevent injuries by draining away fatigue, reducing muscle tension, relieving swelling, and promoting flexibility. It is primarily used during training for improving athletic performance or for rehabilitation. Sports massage is considered beneficial for athletes at all levels.

Why would I need a sports massage?

There are four main times that athletes (from newbies to the elite) seek out this type of massage:

  • During training: a restorative massage allows the athlete to train harder with less risk of injury

  • Before an event: a 15-45 minute massage is given to stimulate body parts involved for the sport (e.g., quads for runners)

  • After the event: A massage to normalize body tissues and help with recovery

  • Post-injury: a rehabilitative sports massage alleviates pain and helps to return the body to a healthy condition\

What should I expect?

During this type of massage, a therapist will primarily work on specific muscles involved in your athletic activity. The massage incorporates techniques from across different schools of massage therapy to help maximize performance and physical conditioning. Some of these modalities are for relaxation, others help break up knots in the muscles, increase circulation, and increase your range of motion.

What are the benefits?

A sports massage is sought out to help maximize training and performance for an event, and recover from any sports-related injuries or soreness. With this type of massage, you may also benefit from:

  • Increase of blood flow

  • Increased flexibility and range of motion

  • Quicker elimination of lactic acid, which is an exercised-induced chemical compound

  • Faster recovery from intense training or race days

What are the side effects?

Overall, a sports massage tends to have few side effects. It’s possible you may feel tenderness or stiffness after the massage. However, this feeling should go away within a few days.

Types of Massage

Lymphatic Massage

Clean out that plumbing. Lymphatic massage stimulate the body's lymphatic system, aka the body's plumbing system. Read More >

Medical Massage

Doctor's orders. A medical massage is used for chronic pain relief or injury recovery, and is often prescribed by a physician. Read More >

Myofascial Release Massage

Relax your fascia. This massage stretches and elongates deep muscle tissue, increasing range of motion and circulation. Read More >

Prenatal Massage

Moms-to-be: a prenatal massage is custom-tailored to fit the needs of expecting mothers. Read More >


Reflexology is an ancient Chinese healing technique, using foot massage to relieve a variety of ailments. Read More >

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a whole-body massage where pressure is placed along your meridians to release tension. Read More >

Swedish Massage

Looking for the massage with the music in the background and the nice-smelling oils? This ultra-relaxing massage is for you. Read More >

Thai Massage

Described as a mix between yoga and massage, therapists use many parts of their body to stretch and relax the body. Read More >

Therapeutic Massage

Borrowing from many other massage types, a therapeutic massage is good for reducing minor discomfort and pain. Read More >

Trigger Point Massage

A more targeted approach of massage, focusing directly on releasing tight knots and alleviating pain caused by them. Read More >

Acupressure Massage

Sometimes referred to as acupuncture without needles, acupressure is an ancient remedy of Chinese traditional medicine. Read More >

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is an ancient Indian remedy used to break down and remove toxins from the body. Read More >

Chair Massage

Ever see someone getting a massage in the middle of the mall, airport, or even at work? You're likely seeing a chair massage. Read More >

Combination Massage

A Combination Massage uses various techniques across acupressure, reflexology, Swedish, etc to relieve tension and stress. Read More >

Couples Massage

Two people + Two massage therapists = A perfect way to relax with a friend or partner. Read More >

Deep Tissue Massage

Painful knots in your back? A deep tissue massage will break them down, give you relief. Read More >

Foot Massage

Been on your feet all week? A foot massage helps alleviate sore soles and arches. Read More >

Hot Stone Massage

Some like it hot. Hot stones, that is. This massages uses heated stones to warm up your muscles and relax you. Read More >

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