Why you need personal training, and how to stick with it

After some time spent working out in a gym, you might think you’re not progressing as fast as you originally wanted. Sometimes you can chalk it up to impatience (working out takes some dedication!), but there are a number of factors that can lead you to waste your workouts: improper technique, inefficient or ineffective workout routines, or the lack of a progressive workout plan can all slow your progress down. That’s where the help of a professional comes in.

What are the advantages of working with a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a professional fitness expert whose job is solely to help you have the best workout of your life, helping you attain the maximum physical results while minimizing the risk of injuries. A personal trainer will help you develop workout plans and schedules, keep an eye on your form during personal training sessions, motivate you to do your best, and keep track of your personal progress.

All of these benefits do come at a higher cost. Basic gym memberships usually don’t include a personal trainer, although many gyms actually specialize in only personal training or small group classes (and usually charge a bit more for memberships). You may also find private in-home personal training works better for you – some trainers even offer online classes (over Skype, for example) so they can coach you long distance, usually for a lower price.

How do I stick to my personal training routine?

Sticking with a personal training program should be easier than going to a gym for a regular exercise session. You’ll likely see results faster than you would on your own, which will keep you motivated. Trainers can help you perform better mentally by keeping you motivated and giving you advice. Having a personal trainer also creates a sense of accountability, which helps keep you on-track with your workout schedule and personal goals. One counter-intuitive aspect is that since personal trainers are usually more expensive than simple gym memberships, you’re more likely to stick with your routine – otherwise, the money you’ve spent on training will have been a waste.

If you’re looking to save some money, you can always try planning weekly or monthly sessions with a personal trainer while you continue workouts on your own in between. That way, you can monitor your progress and still have someone keeping you accountable, so you can reach your fitness goals as fast as possible.

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