What is tire mounting and when do I need it?

Tire mounting is the process of removing old car tires and replacing them with new ones. This may be when you are replacing them with brand new tires, or a seasonal tire change such as putting on winter tires.

How does it work?

First, the whole wheel is detached from the car. The old tire is then removed, and the new one is installed with a new valve stem (the little piece that lets you put more air into your tires). The wheel is then attached back to the car. You're ready to go!

Do I need to pay for tire mounting when I buy new tires?

Depends. Tire mounting is sometimes included in the price of new tires, and will be done for you upon purchasing the tires. However, check before buying new tires to find out if there are additional costs to get your new tires mounted.

If you purchase your tires online, you will likely have to visit a mechanic to get them mounted and pay an additional fee.

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