Transmission Flush

Is your transmission grinding or making strange noises? Are you having problems shifting gears or is your car surging forward? It may turn out that all you need is a transmission flush.

What is a transmission flush?

A transmission flush is a process where old transmission fluid is forced out of the transmission and replaced with new fluid. This fresh, new fluid (sometimes mixed with some cleaning agents) removes any contaminants or residue from your transmission.

A transmission flush is different from a transmission fluid changes: it incorporates the use of pressure to remove the old fluid while a simple fluid change just uses gravity to drain the fluid before replacing it. Transmission flushes also cost more, but are considered more thorough.

Why do I need it?

Transmission fluid can get contaminated over time, and the transition system can get clogged with dirt and sludge. Both of these can cause trouble while driving. Performing a transmission oil change can help, but you may need a flush to remove everything from the system and replace it with new, uncontaminated fluid. Transmission flushes are generally believed to extend the life of a car, but they are not a standard maintenance service.

How often do I need it?

You should consult your can owner’s manual to see how often the manufacturer of your car recommends a flush. Some car manufacturers say their cars don’t need transmission flushes, but you could always consult your mechanic to see if your car would benefit from one. Usually, a flush is recommended once every two years, or after 30,000 miles.

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