Get the tools you need to grow your services franchise

Let your franchisees focus on growing their business,
not running their business.

Scaling your Franchise

Why use 3 or 5 different vendors to provide your franchise with the tools
it needs to scale its locations?

  • MyTime is simple to implement, easy to learn, and can sync with other legacy systems or software you already may have like POS or accounting.

  • With MyTime, you can offer franchisees an integrated, scalable platform that provides seamless in-store & online scheduling, a fully integrated POS, and marketing tools with embedded analytics to help scale your franchise.

  • Whether its two-or two thousand locations, MyTime lets you scale all the mission critical processes required to grow each location based on its individual needs.

Automate Growth

  • Instantly reach new customers with in-store & 24/7 effortless online booking from your website, Google, Facebook, and Instagram from any device.

  • MyTime can help grow revenue by automatically offering clients special promotions and discounts based on purchase history & personal preferences.

  • Our automated marketing features let your franchisees stay on-brand when they communicate with clients via email.

Turn your Clients into Repeat Customers

  • Winning your customer’s loyalty is hard, especially for new franchisees. MyTime enables service staff to know what clients want, and that makes customers want to come back.

  • MyTime’s back-end operations make customer retention easy by enabling staff to set up automated emails for promotions, discounts, and reminders.

  • MyTime delivers personalized two-way messaging tools that effortlessly connect service staff to clients.


Uniform Processes & Centralized Records

MyTime’s all-in-one dashboard unifies scheduling, POS, marketing, messaging, client records and staff management.

Having everything in one place that is centralized, based on automatic processes, means franchisees can get out of the minutiae of dealing manually with business operations and spend more time on serving clients.

MyTime is cloud-based, so its centralized system of records can be accessed from any device, including the POS terminal.

Secure Credit Card Transactions & Integrated POS

  • In the cloud
    Our cloud POS solution offers control of pin credit card terminals directly from the app so staff can take payments from any device

  • True omnichannel payments
    The 1st solution offering omnichannel payments in-store & online through your website, Google, Facebook & Instagram

  • Integrated credit card processing
    We provide rock bottom processing rates or integrate with your existing gateway & processor

  • Information at your fingertips
    View past purchase history & offer tailored upsells right at checkout


Track Franchise Performance & Productivity Analytics

All MyTime features feed into extensive analytics and reporting, giving franchisors and master franchisees the kind of granular analytics they need to improve operational efficiencies.

MyTime provides real-time insight into all facets of your franchise business. Track key performance indicators like productivity, revenue and utilization across & by location for intelligent analysis and immediate decision-making.

MyTime’s dashboard can generate over 40 reports that can be used to breakdown productivity, revenue, and performance reviews by location, service, and staff member.

Streamline Operations with MyTime’s Cloud-based Solution

  • Both the franchisor and master franchisee can manage and provision access controls per location, service staff, or by grouping like region or territory.

  • Let staff manage their own appointments and schedule from any device, in-store or on-the-go, and without the clutter of seeing everyone else’s.

  • MyTime delivers personalized two-way messaging tools that effortlessly connect service staff to clients.


Implementation, Onboarding & Training

Getting hundreds of franchisees and their service staff on the same page can take time and be costly, but MyTime’s solution is fast, simple, and cost effective.

Learning to use MyTime is a simple too, but if any support is needed, we offer white glove service for onboarding and implementation.