Let Us Fill Your Open Appointments.

We can sell your open appointment times directly to customers looking for your services. Customers pay for and book your open times right through our website and mobile apps.


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MyTime is consolidating appointments onto one site. Half a million available appointments for several thousand small businesses -- including nail salons, auto shops, dentists, doctors, pet groomers, spas and pilates studios -- are already on MyTime.
It's like OpenTable but for services… haircuts, massages, oil changes, pet grooming and much more. MyTime pulls up a list of open appointments and times. Now you can make all your appointments online.
MyTime is designed to draw in new customers by easing the hassle of booking an appointment, not by offering aggressive and unsustainable discounts.
MyTime represents a provocative alternative to conventional search and social advertising in the SMB marketplace.

Unfilled Appointments Cost You Money. We Can Help.

You have fixed costs like staff and rent even when you're not working. MyTime fills your openings so you earn more money AND the chance to get a customer for life!

Calculate how much open appointments cost you.
Your average fee:
Unfilled appointments per week:
Lowest price you'd perform your service:(assume the appointment would otherwise go unfilled)

Get Advertised on Google, Facebook, Twitter, & more.

If you choose to turn on promotions, we run online and mobile ads promoting your business and appointment openings. Best of all, we cover the cost of the advertising!


We'll Maximize Your Revenue with Time-Based Pricing.

We'll get you the highest price for your open appointments without letting them pass unfilled. You control which appointment times are dynamically priced and how low we can go. Just set a price floor, and we'll do the rest!

It's Free to List Your Business on MyTime.

It's FREE to sign up and list your services on MyTime. If you want us to Promote your services, we keep 2/5 of the revenue collected on the first booking from a new client and send the rest to you! On all other bookings, we only charge a 3% fee to cover credit card processing fees.

Non-Promoted Businesses
Upfront cost None
Our commission 3% (to recover our CC fees)
Basic Features
Business profile
Sell open appointments
Sync with existing calendar
Revenue Maximization
Dynamic pricing No
Advertising & Promotion
MyTime browse and search pages
MyTime email newsletter No
Facebook Ads No
Google search ads No
Twitter ads No
Affiliate networks (e.g., Yipit) No
Mobile ad networks No

We Sync with Your Existing Scheduling System.

We sync with the most popular calendaring systems to automatically import your open appointments. Appointments booked on MyTime show up directly on your calendar!

MyTime has made it really easy to fill empty slots during slow periods. Now we can spend more time helping patients and less time finding them.
Hans Sicker
Max Health Wellness Center
I'm the manager and senior stylist at 9022 Salon. I just signed up with MyTime and have already booked my first appointment. It was the easiest thing to do. Client booked, they notified me with a text and email, I did the service, and got paid. Thank you MyTime you're a great addition to my salon promotion.
Arch Espinoza
9022 Salon
I signed up with you last week in hopes of gaining a few more massage clients. By Friday I had a client booked and by Monday I had the check in hand for payment of the service. Your customer service department is very helpful and prompt. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who would like to draw more traffic to their business.
Barbara Bell
LMT Affordable And Caring Massage Therapy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyTime?
MyTime is the appointment superstore. We bring you new customers exactly when you need them - when you have open appointment times in your schedule. We advertise and sell your unfilled appointments on our website and mobile app to new customers looking for your services.
What types of services can I offer on MyTime?
MyTime currently sells the following services. Check back often, as we are adding new ones every day!


Health & Beauty

Home & Garden

Medical & Dental


Sports & Fitness

How much does MyTime cost?
It's completely FREE to list your business on MyTime. If you want us to promote your business (so we'll advertise and dynamically price it), we keep 2/5 of the revenue for each first-time customer booking, and send you 3/5 of the revenue plus a new customer! For all other appointments, we keep just 3% to cover our credit card processing fees.
When do I get paid & how?
We collect payment from the customer when they book their appointment and forward it to you within 7 days of the appointment. At 24 hours before the appointment, payment is guaranteed so you never have to worry about losing money from no-shows.
What's the difference between Promoted and Non-Promoted Services?

Non-Promoted services are listed on our website and sold at full price. We don't spend money to advertise these services, but your loyal customers and people searching for your business can still find and book appointments with you on MyTime. We only keep a 3% commission on non-promoted services to cover our credit card fees.

Promoted services are advertised across MyTime and popular sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and our other partners. We spend our own money to promote and advertise your business.

When you are promoting, you can also set lower prices during your off-peak times to get the highest possible revenue without letting the appointment times pass unfilled.

We don't charge you anything out of pocket for promoting your services. Instead, we keep ⅖ of the revenue we collect to cover our promotion costs.

How do you advertise Promoted Services?
We have a team of online marketing specialists who create many types of ads for you. These include:
  • Ads on Google, Facebook, Bing, and Twitter
  • Our MyTime email newsletter
  • Promotion via our mobile ad network
  • Affiliate networks such as Yipit
We're constantly tinkering to create the most effective ads that will bring you customers when you need them most. Remember, we cover the cost of advertising your Promoted Times, so you don't have to spend a dime.
How do you dynamically price Promoted Times?
We've developed an advanced pricing system that gets you the highest price for your open appointment without letting it pass unfilled. Have you noticed how airlines continually adjust their prices to get the most revenue for the flight without letting seats go empty? We do something very similar. You set your regular price and price floor, and we do the rest!
Can I afford to discount my services with MyTime?
Not all the time. But as the airline and hotel industry figured out long ago, we believe you should adjust your pricing based on demand. Why not reward customers with a lower price when you have an open slot, and charge more during your busier periods? Plus, we'll be giving you a bigger web presence and free advertising. Everyone comes out ahead.
How does MyTime know my open times?
We sync with the most popular calendaring systems to automatically import your open appointments. The appointments we book will show up directly in your calendar. If you don't have an online calendar, you can use our free scheduling system to keep track of your appointments and let us know when you have openings.
Can MyTime work with my existing scheduling system?

We can sync with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, MINBODY, iPhone/iPad, Android devices, and more. Don't see yours? Check back often as we're adding new ones all the time!

When your calendar is connected with MyTime, we'll only show your open appointment slots to customers. And whenever we book an appointment for you, we'll write to your calendar so everything stays synced.

How will I know when MyTime fills an appointment slot?
We'll immediately send you an email and text message (optional) with the appointment details. We can also write the appointment time directly to your own calendar. Finally, you can always check the real-time status of your open appointment times on your merchant dashboard.
Does MyTime share customer information with me?
Yes, you can see the name, phone number and email address of every customer who books an appointment with you on MyTime. Upcoming and past appointments are all recorded in your merchant dashboard.
What if a customer cancels an appointment?
If a customer cancels more than 24 hours before their appointment, we'll refund their money. If the appointment is less than 24 hours away, then it's up to you to decide whether to allow the cancellation.
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