Automate Your
Marketing with MyTime

There's a lot competing for your client's attention. Cut through the noise: reach your clients at the right moment with the right message.

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Delight clients without lifting a finger.

Automated Emails + Text Messages are sent to clients at key moments. Your marketing takes care of itself, so you can focus on your business.

  • Sent at the Right Moment

    Your custom messages are triggered by key events like appointment bookings, birthdays or simply being overdue for a visit.
  • It's Your Message

    Use our default template or create your own personalized message for every possible event.
  • Smarter Delivery

    You choose whether to send messages by email or SMS by default. Your clients can change their personal communication preferences at any time.

Reach the right audience.

MyTime's Targeted Email Campaigns let you contact all your clients at once, or send out custom blasts. You can target clients based on their appointment history, location or custom tags.


Target Your Campaigns

MyTime Marketing integrates with MyTime Scheduler and Client Manager, so you can easily target any group of clients (people who got a specific service, people who haven't visited in a while, and more).


Add a Personal Touch

MyTime provides a variety of mobile-friendly email templates. Use ours or create your own with your logo, photos and custom content.


Try Our Templates

Send out emails in real-time to announce new services, last minute promotions, or staff updates. You can also schedule campaigns months in advance.

Respect Client Preferences

Your clients can easily unsubscribe from emails and/or text messages so they won't receive unwanted campaigns.

Track Success

When you send a campaign, MyTime tracks whether clients open it, how many book and which email addresses bounce (so you can update your records).

It's Unlimited!

There are no limits on the number of clients you can have, or the number of emails/SMS's sent per month.

Prevent unfilled appointment openings.

We make it easy to run targeted promotions that reach the right client at the right time to keep your calendar filled.

  • Last Minute Sales

    Put specific times on sale and push real-time notifications to your clients to fill those empty slots or last minute cancellations.
  • Custom Promo Codes

    Add discounts to marketing communications to push the services, staff, locations, and service dates you want to promote.
  • Easy Client Targeting

    Select who receives promotions based on their appointment history, labels or location.

Be everywhere at once.

Listing Manager makes sure you have an accurate profile on the sites that matter. Hundreds of millions of users will now be able to find you.


Get Listed

Google, Facebook, Yelp and YP are just a few of the places people are looking for you. We'll make sure you have a profile on the top websites so that you can be discovered.

Accurate Data

Your address, contact info, working hours, service menu and other data will be updated everywhere when you update your data on MyTime. This helps you stand out and improves your Search Engine Optimization.

Save Time

Save hours of time creating new accounts and then updating them when things change. Spend the time with your customers, growing your business, instead!

Take control of your reputation.

Reputation Manager tracks your reviews from across the web, and then prompts happy clients to leave reviews on the sites you select. A half-star rating increase could lead to a 9% jump in sales!

Monitor Your Reputation

We'll show your real-time ratings and reviews from over 25 websites, including Google, Yelp and Facebook.

Spot Issues Fast

Get email or text message alerts about bad reviews so they can be addressed before they impact your business.

Build Positive Reviews

MyTime automatically prompts happy customers to share their reviews on whichever site you select. Feedback from dissatisfied clients is emailed privately to you.
How to Increase Sales by 9% by Managing Online Reputation

Modernize your marketing.

Marketing used to mean paid advertising and daily deals. Today, it means a presence on the top websites where hundreds of millions of people are searching for the services you provide. It means an online reputation that attracts new customers rather than scaring them off. And it means engaging your existing clients at the right time through targeted and personalized emails and text messages. MyTime has you covered.

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