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MyTime Scheduler is online appointment booking software built for your business. It's an appointment calendar, client manager and communication center all-in-one.

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Your Calendar, Clients & Communications
All in One Place


Schedule Appointments

Scheduling appointments is a breeze. Access and manage your schedule from anywhere, whether you’re at work or on-the-go.


Manage Your Clients

Keep all your clients in 1 place. See each client’s appointment history and notes, and even set custom prices for individual clients.


Communicate Effortlessly

The MyTime Communicator™ allows you to message your clients and answer incoming questions — all from one place.


Reduce No-Shows

Clients automatically receive appointment reminders, and are asked to confirm. They’ll even get reminded when it's time to re-book.

Scheduling Made Easy

Manage your schedule from virtually anywhere — through the web or our stunning mobile apps. Offer convenient, 24/7 online booking to your clients.


    Choose whether to collect payment online or in-person. Or enable both and let the client choose.

    Keep your schedule, clients and notes at your fingertips. Take action on new appointments and messages from clients — anywhere you go.

    Customize your client records and easily add intake forms and liability waivers to your online booking flow.

Simply the Best

We’ve created the best online scheduling software on the market based on 1000’s of hours of research and development.

It’s All in the Cloud

Even if your internet is down, you’ll be able to access your schedule and client records via the MyTime Scheduler™ apps.

Reliable and Secure

We use bank-grade data encryption and highly reliable infrastructure to protect your sensitive data.

Control Your Calendar

You’re in complete control of your calendar. Our powerful features let you decide how and when your clients book.


    Want to offer special prices to friends and long-time clients? Set up custom prices and appointment durations only visible to that client.

    We know work and personal can become intertwined. MyTime Scheduler can sync with your personal calendar. Never double book again!

    Each employee can be given their own login with access levels set by you. Want them to be paid directly? We can do that too.

Set Your Cancellation policy

You set your cancellation policy. We’ll enforce it so you can get paid even if clients no-show.

Custom Colors

Automatically color code appointments by service type, staff member, or appointment status.

Flexible Booking

Decide whether to manually approve each appointment request — or allow them to be booked straight into your calendar.

Selling Made Simple

MyTime's full point of sale and inventory system lets you sell and manage physical product just as easily as booking an appointment.


Sell Products & Services

Now you can easily add products to a customer ticket while checking them out. No more fumbling around or running separate transactions.

Integrated Inventory

Upload and track inventory in one place. When you sell products, you'll automatically be alerted when it's time to re-order.

Low, Flat-Rate Fees

Take advantage of MyTime's competitive card processing rates - 2.29% for qualified purchases plus $0.30 per transaction and a low $9.95 monthly fee. Fees are slightly higher for non-qualified purchases.
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Market Yourself

When you use MyTime Scheduler™, customers can book you instantly from the MyTime Marketplace, where millions of people come each month to book appointments.


Add Online Booking to Your Website

Let clients book appointments from your website. Select the colors and style that fits your site!


Easy to Add

Only one line of code to add to your site! You can pick the color and text of your button.

Simple Client Experience

Your site gets a booking experience that has been professionally designed and tested to be user-friendly.

Online Payments

You choose whether to accept payment online or in person. You can also accept promo codes and gift cards.

Understand Your Business

Simple-to-use reports and analytics that provide insights into your business.


Track Performance

See which of your services are the most popular. Identify your slowest times and fill them using MyTime's Off-Peak Pricing.

Calculate Payroll

Let staff clock in and clock out. Automatically calculate staff compensation based on hours worked, commissions, and tips.

Connect with QuickBooks

Sync MyTime POS with your QuickBooks Online account with just a click and save hours of work!

Communicate With Your Clients

Communication is the key to maintaining great client relationships. Automated appointment emails? Done. Want to chat or send pics to your client? It’s just a click away.



Message your clients for free with MyTime Communicator. Exchange images, respond to questions, and more — right from the Scheduler!


Reduce no-shows! We'll automatically remind clients of appointments with you, and ask them to confirm, via e-mail or SMS.


Clients will be automatically reminded via email, SMS, or push notification when it’s time to book their next appointment with you.

MyTime Scheduler Works Like YOU Do

Multiple Employees

  • Allow customers to specify staff member when booking
  • Vary services, prices and availability by employee
  • Give each employee with their own account (with access controls)
  • Calculate compensation based on hours worked and commissions
  • Employees can clock in/out for accurate hours tracking

Multiple Locations

  • Filter bookings, clients and metrics by location
  • Control which locations each employee can access
  • Allow customers to specify their preferred location

Mobile Business

  • Access anywhere with our iPhone/Android app
  • Choose your service radius
  • Update the price after on-site estimate
  • Let customers select service location


  • Offer off-peak pricing incentives during slow times
  • Sell packages and bundles with multiple appointments
  • Enable promo codes with discounts
  • Separate prices for new and existing customers

Control Freak

  • Set custom prices and appointment durations by client
  • Manually approve each appointment request
  • Require advance notice or buffer times between appointments
  • Enforce cancellation policies

Online Payments

  • Choose whether to accept payments for online bookings (low 2.5% CC processing fee + $0.30 per transaction)
  • Receive payments by direct deposit, PayPal or check
  • Direct payment to employees/contractors for their own clients
  • Tips from customers can be added to payment after appointment

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