Add Attachments to Emails and Client Notes

Tags: automated marketing, clients notes, email templates, Online Appointments

You can now attach files to emails and client notes. It’s super useful for merchants who want to keep records or send files to their clients such as waivers, instructions, forms, or maps to their office.


  • Include intake forms, instructions, and even event invitations on your client communications.
  • To add an attachment, simply select the email template to update, click into the body of the message, click the paperclip icon, and select the file.
  • To add attachments to client notes, click the “+” to open the note, then click the paperclip icon, select a file, and click save.
  • To attach files to emails, you must have MyTime’s Automated Marketing module activated.

Have questions about using MyTime? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team if you have any questions, comments or concerns:

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  • By phone: (888) 423-1944