New Feature: Packages and Recurring Appointments

July 19, 2014


Here at MyTime, we’re all about making things easy and convenient. So we are very excited to introduce two shiny new features: Packages and Recurring Appointments. Let us tell you how these will make booking appointments even easier:

1) Save money: Buy a Package on MyTime

Here’s the thing: Most of us are creatures of habit. For example, we book the same haircut at the same salon every 4-8 weeks. So why not buy a few appointments at a time, and save some money?

Now MyTime customers can buy multiple appointments from a business at the same time. You pay for all the appointments up front, and they come with a nice discount, ranging from 10-60% off list price! Packages can have different expiration dates (or none at all), so be sure to check this before you buy.

Want to save money?  When you book an appointment, we’ll ask if you want to book a package. Say YES and save!

package graphic

2) Save time: Book a Recurring Appointment

Do you have some regular places that you book like clockwork? Maybe a mani every other Saturday morning at 10am, or a personal training session Thursday evenings at 7pm?

Now you can book these recurring appointments on MyTime. This means that you can set an appointment to happen at a regular interval (e.g., a haircut every 4 weeks at 10am), and you don’t need to keep scheduling it again and again!

We’ll send you a reminder before each appointment, and you can always reschedule if needed. The best part is you don’t need to remember to book your appointment each time – we’ll automatically reserve the time in the business’s calendar. All you need to do is show up!  It’s also super simple to reschedule or cancel individual recurring appointments, and you can do so 24/7 (a lot more convenient than having to sheepishly call the business to explain why you’re schedule has changed… again).

Ready to book a recurring appointment? Just choose the option “Make this recurring” on the appointment time selection step when booking through MyTime.

We hope you enjoy these new features (and find some extra time on your hands and money in your pocket!).

Have suggestions for other new features? Let us know in the comments below or find us on Twitter (@MyTime).

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